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The Gut-Skin Axis: What Is It & What Helps

I constantly talk to my patients about how keeping your gut healthy is essential to clear skin, whatever your actual skin issue is. Simply put, the gut lining houses very important metabolites that are important to maintaining the body’s inflammatory response.

Dr. Maura’s Top 5 Hacks for Hormone Happiness

I spend a lot of my days deep diving on cases of patients who come to me with hormone imbalance. For every person I work with, there’s a whole new and different picture. No one is the same, even if they have the same problem.

The Make or Break Factor in Healing

The good news is that we can improve the terrain so that your gut heals faster and more permanently. I think this is why my docs and I are successful at treating patients who have all but given up. Yes it’s possible: no relapsing back into symptoms every few months — isn’t this what we all want?

Menopause Treatments That Really Work

Most women experience menopause between the ages of 40-58. Women who have their ovaries surgically removed results in “sudden” surgical menopause, as opposed to a gradual progression.

Turning A Midlife Crisis Into A Midlife Calling

Our goal is always to restore your gut to function so that you can go about your daily life without thinking about your digestion and relying on medications or supplements — and isn’t that the whole point?

7 Signs You Need A Health Makeover

Combining traditional healing modalities such as botanical medicine, probiotic therapy, nutrient repletion, and homeopathy with advances in the science and research on gut health, naturopaths offer their patients the best.

Gaining Weight Despite Your Best Efforts?

The Internet is full of information on the topic of losing weight. You've had more than one weight loss attempt. Do you want to understand what is right for you and remove those extra pounds?

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